Suzuki Warranty

Service and Maintenance

Insist on Genuine Suzuki Parts and Service

By servicing your Suzuki outboard at an authorised Suzuki service centre you are ensuring that your Suzuki outboard is correctly maintained by trained technicians with the knowledge and equipment to keep it in optimal condition. It will also ensure that your Suzuki outboard is fitted with genuine Suzuki parts and meets the service requirements of our Real Value warranty programme.

Suzuki New Zealand and authorised Suzuki Dealers provide warranty cover against product failure. It does not cover fair wear and tear.

Providing the Suzuki outboard has been used in a normal fashion and serviced in accordance with the prescribed schedule, this warranty extends for the time relevant to the model you have purchased.

The warranty applies only to outboard motors supplied or distributed by Suzuki New Zealand Limited and while the outboard motor resides in New Zealand.

Transfer of warranty to a subsequent owner requires completion of the warranty transfer card located at the rear of your warranty and service manual. This must be sent to Suzuki New Zealand Limited immediately by the new owner.

Your authorised Suzuki service centre must be notified of any defect immediately after its discovery and the outboard motor must be presented to the dealer for repair as soon as possible.

The warranty protects against the possibility of faulty manufacturing or materials. Parts and labour costs relating to normal scheduled servicing are at the owner’s expense.

New Outboard Motor Warranty

Suzuki New Zealand Ltd (Suzuki) warrants that if within the specified warranty period following retail sale any part of the outboard motor is found to be defective due to faulty Suzuki materials or manufacturing, the defect will be repaired or parts replaced under the Suzuki warranty as per the owners warranty and maintenance manual or replaced under the terms of the Suzuki New Zealand warranty policy.

This is providing the Outboard Motor:

1. Has been supplied or distributed by Suzuki New Zealand Limited

2. Shall only be repaired by an authorised Suzuki repairer

3. Has been maintained in accordance with recommended Suzuki maintenance schedules

4. Has been operated in accordance with Suzuki recommendations and not subject to misuse or accident

5. Has not been modified or altered from the original production configuration

6. Normal wear and tear and service adjustments are not part of this warranty.

Transfer of Warranty

A notice of transfer of ownership (see warranty and service manual) must be completed and posted to Suzuki New Zealand Ltd to update our warranty records.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Except where the buyer has acquired the goods for the purposes of a ‘business’ as defined in Section 2 of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, nothing in the above shall affect or limit the rights of the buyer under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, and this warranty shall in all respects be subject to the provisions of the Act. The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply where the buyer acquires the goods for the purposes of a ‘business’.

Warranty Exclusions

While your Suzuki Warranty is very comprehensive, there are exclusions as listed below:

1. Normal wear and tear or deterioration, regular servicing and adjustments required by the prescribed maintenance schedule and consumables such as: batteries, cables, tappet shims, cam chains, filters, lubrication oils, fluids, spark plugs, fuses, starter brushes, oil seal failure, fuel system adjustments and the removal, fitment of accessories.

2. Piston seizure. Unless caused by manufacturing defect.

3. Damage resulting from misuse, negligence, water, fuel or oil contamination, incorrect usage, alteration, accident, overloading, competition racing, modification or failure to follow the recommended routine maintenance schedule and procedures.

4. Removal of the engine or expense of returning the Outboard motor to an authorised Suzuki Marine dealership and any expense incurred by collecting or returning the Outboard after repair or reinstallation of the Outboard.

5. Change of appearance of paint and other appearance items after 1 year. These items are affected by exposure and owner maintenance. Any manufacturing imperfections will normally be apparent at a very early stage and certainly before the first service is carried out.

6. Damage resulting from failure of the operator to follow loading or usage conditions as specified in the owner’s manual.

7. Any damage resulting from continued use of the machine while a fault is known to exist.

8. Any outboard which has been assembled, disassembled, adjusted or repaired by a party other than an Authorised Suzuki Marine Dealer.

9. Water entering the Outboard via the fuel system, exhaust system or through submersion or from incorrect use or installation.

10. Damage or failure as a result of corrosion caused by stay currents or outside galvanic activities, such as application of copper based anti-fouling paint

(Moored boats).

11. Failure of any parts caused by lack of cooling water resulting from starting the Outboard out of the water, or by foreign material blocking the water inlets,

or by the Outboard mounted too high / low on the boat’s transom, or by the Outboard motor being installed in a location or position that prevents or interrupts with the required flow of water to the cooling system.

12. The installation of any devices altering the original design and operation of the engine will void warranty (e.g. heat exchanger etc.)

13. The correct propeller must be installed to match the boat application so that the Outboard can operate at the correctly specified RPM. During the outboard servicing, the propeller must be removed and inspected for damage to the blade area.

14. Propellers are subject to various underwater hazards, and thus, resulting damage from such hazards is your responsibility.

15. Normal phenomena such as noise, vibration, or oil seepage which do not affect the quality and function and performance of the Outboard.

Corrosion Warranty

1. As part of the 5-year Recreational Warranty on models DF2.5-DF350, the Suzuki New Zealand Programme will additionally warrant against corrosion on parts and assemblies rendered in-operative on condition that:

2. The replacement of sacrificial anodes (correct sacrificial anodes should be used in salt water or fresh water), specified lubrication procedures, protection coating (including the repair of scratches and nicks to paint work) are carried out on a regular basis.

3. Regular scheduled maintenance procedures and inspections are conducted by an Authorised Suzuki Marine Dealer and recorded in the Service Record pages of this manual as per the service requirements specified.

4. Simple precautionary steps listed in the Service and Warranty Manual, are carried out as specified.

5. The corrosion warranty does not cover:

(a) Electrical system corrosion;

(b) Corrosion due to marine growth;

(c) Corrosion of accessories, instruments and steering systems;

(d) Corrosion caused by electrolysis;

(e) lmproper installation;

(f) Corrosion resulting from damage, abuse, improper use or improper servicing; and

(g) Products not imported or supplied by Suzuki New Zealand Limited.


Owner's Responsibility

There are a number of things you can do to assist in maintaining the appearance and value of your investment and assist in ensuring the warranty provision are met.

Routine scheduled maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.

We suggest you retain confirmation from routine maintenance according to the Suzuki recommendations should it be necessary to lodge a claim during the warranty period, as you will be ineligible if there is insufficient evidence.

If your Suzuki is subjected to use under severe conditions, maintenance of the Suzuki in cleaning using recommended outboard motors washes and polishes, waxing the paint, plus the use of multi-purpose lubrication sprays will help to protect the value of your investment.

After using your Suzuki outboard in salt water it is important to flush the motor with fresh water for 10 minutes.

When washing your Suzuki outboard after us, use a mild soap wash or detergent with fresh water to remove all the salt and grime.